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Intelmobi present's a premier state-of-the-art Android monitoring app with an array of cutting-edge features which allow you to track, locate, monitor and oversee all the activity on any Android phone from anywhere in the world. Our Android monitoring software is extremely reliable and robust yet works silently in the background, staying invisible to it's users yet monitoring and reporting everything and passing it on to those who have access.

Latest Features Include:

  • Accurate GPS Location Tracking
  • View All SMS and MMS Texts That Have Been Received or Sent
  • Listen in and Record Both Incoming/Outgoing Calls
  • Monitor A Dozen Plus Activities including:
    • Call Logs
    • Browser History
    • Email History,
    • App Activity and more!

The All-in-One Solution To Common Problems And Needs:

You can secretly track any Phone easily and non-intrusively with GPS tracking app for smart phones. Instantly see the current whereabouts on a comprehensive map. Check the detailed route history within a specified period of time. Reassure that your kids or your staffs are where they are supposed to be.

1. Concerned and Caring Parents who wish to know where their kids are and what they do when their not around. No longer face constant worry or thought with Intelmobi's array of features that allow you to see the daily activity of your son or daughter's Android phone. Whether you are interested in what they are browsing on the net, or want to know where they are when your at work or not home then this is the app for you. Be the parent you want to be without having to keep an eye on your children 24/7 and let our app do the work for you, all while staying totally incognito and invisible to your kids!

2. For loving couples looking to build further trust and transparency. Intelmobi's reliable Android monitoring app helps create a more secure relationship that which greatly helps reduce the fears of loved ones texting or calling another when they are not around. Get a private inside scoop on what's really going on in your spouse's phone! Have the ability to check if there are any unfamiliar texts or calls that are coming in or out or any certain GEO locations that have been visited by the phone that seem out of the blue. You have full insight into all!

3. Are you an employer or company that provides company phones. By now you have probably heard or are aware of how often company phones are abused and used for other than work purposes, things that you should generally be made aware of. With IntelMobi's premier Android monitoring application, you have the insight to see the extent of all the business and non-business related activities that occur on a day to day basis on your staff's mobile phone. See what your employees are really spending their time on. You can monitor and view a list of the apps their using as well as to see if any extensive calls are being made during the work day which may hinder their overall performance. Our All-in-One Android Monitor App is truly the answer for many of today's modern day problems when it comes to the freedom and responsibility of having a web ready Android mobile phone.

Turn to us and see why we are the most featured and comprehensive Android monitoring software on the market!
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