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Cell Phone Spy App

If you think your kids are addicted to social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram and are wasting a considerable amount of time on their cell-phones using such apps, IntelMobi cell phone spy app can make things pretty easier for you. With IntelMobi, you can specifically know the time duration for which any particular app has been used on the target's phone. To keep a check on how long your kids spend time on Facebook chatting with their friends or posting their pictures, no solution can be better than IntelMobi.

As IntelMobi remains completely hidden, you can install into the target's phone without any hesitation. The app has a reports page on 'Apps Usage Activity' that gives you comprehensive details about the apps that were frequently used on the target's phone. It also keeps you updated about the exact timing on which the app was accessed and when the user came out of it. Thus, providing you a precise idea about the exact duration for which a particular app was used. The Apps Usage Activity feature of IntelMobi records the duration of all the apps which are being used in the phone and display them in graphical form too.

Therefore, if you are thinking about discovering any app or game which is being overused on the target's phone then with the help of IntelMobi you can easily do it.

With the help of Apps Usage Activity, you can also get the details of in-phone applications like calendar, notes etc. This feature can be very helpful for you if you want to know whether your employees are meeting with competitors or they are demanding fake leaves. With IntelMobi you can also view all notes that are composed by your target. Whether you are spouse is trying to hide any secret or your loved ones are planning meetings with strangers that you don't know, Apps Usage Activity feature of IntelMobi can help you out in the best possible ways.