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IntelMobi, the #1 mobile phone spy app on the market! Our Google Android and iOS iPhone Spy App has a very unique and handy feature in the form of apps monitoring that lets you monitor all the installed apps of your target's device with ease. With this feature, you can acquire a list of all the installed mobile phone applications, their names, their installation dates and even the version which is being used in your target's Android phone or iPhone. This feature is very useful to get an idea, whether your employees are taking unauthorized benefits of your company cars or your children are lying to you about their plans.

Along with its basic features, apps monitoring facility allow you to view usage of the installed application by enabling screenshot taker feature. For this, you are required to have ScreenShot root of the target's device. Tracking of apps installed and removed from the target's device also help parents keep an eye over their children and also helps to ensure that they are not accessing the apps that are not good for them. You can also get to know which games your children play and how frequently those gaming apps are updated. This feature also lets you ensure that the phones you have provided to your employees for the purpose of office use are being used rightfully.

All the data collected by IntelMobi can be easily retrieved from the control panel of this cutting edge mobile spy app at anytime from anywhere. With this data, you will be able to confront with your employees, kids or spouse by showing them the exact details of their presence in the particular place at the specific time. Whether they are accessing their camera, gallery, phone browser or any other third party application all the apps activity are captured with the help of screenshot taker and are uploaded to your control panel.

This is just one of the many great features that are included in Intelmobi’s all-inclusive mobile phone spy app! Get a Full List of Features HERE

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