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Time Tracking Browser

One more added advantage of using IntelMobi cell phone spy app is that you can track the complete internet browser history of your target's device. This time tracking browser feature of IntelMobi lets you see each and every detail of the website which your target has visited along with URL, time of visit and date of each visit. Apart from this you can also get to know about that how many times the user has visited each website. All the details are uploaded on your IntelMobi control panel, from where you can fetch them easily.

Some Excellent Features of IntelMobi Phone Browser Tracker include:

  • Details of all visited websites can be viewed along with URL and date and time of visit
  • Internet Bookmarks can also be viewed
  • Details are Uploaded on control panel instantly

In case, if you are worried about the internet activities of your kids and want to make sure that they are not visiting those websites which they shouldn't, IntelMobi phone browser tracker is the perfect option for you.

With this feature, you can also check internet activities of your employees. This can help you ensure that they are rightfully using the services that are offered by you and are not spending time on non-work related sites. Also, you can know if your partner is sneaking around some personal dating sites.