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IntelMobi, being one of the best cell phone tracking software applications for iOS and Android devices, comes with handy call recording feature. This is a highly sought-after feature that allows you listen to all the conversations of the targeted phone. If you are scared that your employees are making harmful deals over the phone or you are worried of your kid's suspicious behavior, IntelMobi's call recording is one of the greatest options that make you able to listen into their calls and ensure if anything is going wrong. The call record feature of IntelMobi allows you to record both outgoing and incoming calls of all contacts and you can even record the calls of specific phone numbers.

All the phone recordings can be easily accessed from your IntelMobi Control Panel; either you can listen directly or you can also download the audio file and listen that later. All the calls are captured silently without the user getting to know and are also hidden from the phone. IntelMobi makes use of advanced servers through which you can immediately see recordings of all the incoming and outgoing calls from anywhere, any time with the facility of internet.

You can also receive instant notice of any new call record by enabling notification feature.

Unlike other spy apps, with the help of call record feature you will be able to listen to both the sides of conversation. As IntelMobi can be installed in any phone without giving a slightest clue to the user you can track your kid's and spouse's call records without any worries. For your further convenience, each and every call record is provided with time and date stamp. There is no recording limit and all call of all durations are recorded and updated immediately on the control panel.

IntelMobi has a great response time and refresh rate as anything updated is directly uploaded on the server. This feature of IntelMobi is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and works even if the phone is not rooted.