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Cell Phone Spy Software

IntelMobi is revolutionary cell phone spy software that has been designed to the highest standards. The cutting edge software program tool is a perfect blend of all those classic features which you can never find together. IntelMobi allows you to check all voice call logs of the target's phone; both outgoing and incoming, including contact names, their phone numbers, call duration, date and time. Also, you can get VOIP call details of target's phone. This feature of IntelMobi is not only limited to providing call logs and respective details, it also allows you to spy on live calls. It is like having a direct line onto each and every call and you can hear any live call as it happens. This is quite an exclusive feature which you can avail only with IntelMobi.

IntelMobi is the best cell phone spy app for tracking family, kids and employees. With IntelMobi, you can:

  • Check the complete call history of the target's phone, and find out who they have been in voice contact with.

  • Know when and for how long a voice call was made even if it has been deleted from the phone.
  • Check out the entire missed, received and dialed numbers
  • Get contact details and phone numbers

Why to Keep an Eye on Call History of your Loved One's Phone?

Simply because having access to the call logs of the target's phone enables you to know about the incoming and outgoing calls made by your kids or employees. Apart from having the name associated in the address book of the target's device, you can also have the contact details like phone number as well as call duration, date and time for further evidence.