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Address Book Spying

With IntelMobi, you can check every address book entry of your target's device. This feature directly logs into contact list of the phone and lets you get the full details of names and numbers stored in the address book. Along with these details you can see many other details like addresses, email IDs and also professional positions (if available).

Below given are some of the major benefits of IntelMobi contact feature:

  • You can see all phone book entries of the target's phone
  • All details are made available along with contact numbers and names
  • You can also view different details associated with the contact name such as addresses, email IDs, professional positions, birthdays etc.
  • Whenever a new entry is made it is uploaded on your web account dash board

There can be several reasons why you need this feature!

Being a parent, you would definitely have concern that with whom your children are in contact. Also, there could be someone your spouse is contacting but that person may be stranger to you.

However, if you have such doubts and worries, with the help of IntelMobi address book tracker, you can eliminate maximum of them. Also, if you are scared that your employees are sharing confidential deals with their contacts, then you can also make use of this feature to get the details of suspicious contacts of your target.