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Email Tracking App

Email With IntelMobi, you can also check email history of your target's device. Whether your target user prefers Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other email service, you can spy on his/her email account easily with the help of IntelMobi. This feature can be useful for you to check email history your employees as you can ensure that they are not making any kind of misuse of your company's personal and confidential information, by sending them through emails.

Email tracking app of IntelMobi is provided with a lot of services. With this facility you can check email history of all sent and received emails along with the details of contact name, email-ID and also time and date stamps of each email. You can also fetch and see fully formatted HTML email including multimedia file such as pictures and small audio clips. One more distinguish feature of this services is that you can even check encrypted email as encrypted messages also get stored on your IntelMobi's control panel.

Apart from spying your employees' email activities, email tracking app is also very useful for you to keep an eye over your kid's email activity and to ensure that they are not setting up email accounts for accessing different social media websites.

This feature of IntelMobi is highly advantageous for parents as it empowers them to check content from the entire incoming and outgoing emails.