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Facebook Chat Messenger App Spying

Facebook messenger app spying is another most advantageous feature of IntelMobi. This feature allows you to spy into each and every messaging activity of your target. However, as Facebook chat messenger app is a third party application and can be secured with the help of app locking features but with IntelMobi's Facebook chat spying app you can easily spy into your target's account even if it has been locked.

There are more than just a few benefits of this feature. With IntelMobi – the most outstanding Facebook chat messenger spying app, you can make sure that your children are not making excessive use of social networking sites. Also, if you are furious about your employees that they are wasting time using Facebook chat messenger; with this feature you can easily track their day activities. However, if have doubt that your partner is cheating you by spying into their social media accounts you can eliminate all your worries.

This feature supports both Android and iPhone devices and lets you view all Facebook messages including personal chats and group chats along with conversation dates and times.

You can also view contact details and profile pictures of their friend and everyone they chat with. This feature is not only limited to text spying but Facebook chat spying app also lets you view all photos, stickers, emoticons and audio messages. One more advantage of this feature is that it never lets you miss any chat detail as all details are captured and saved on your control panel and you can access and read them anytime.