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Geo Fencing

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What makes IntelMobi the best mobile phone spy app is, its umpteen unique features, among which Geo-Fencing is a distinct feature that deserves a special mention. Geo-Fencing can be defined as a brilliant system that allows you to predefine an area and get notifications when your target leaves or enters the area. Ensuring safety and security of your loved ones is always the first priority for you and being the best GPS tracking solutions, Geo-Fencing system can help you in the best possible ways

How Geo-Fencing Feature can be Beneficial for you

With the help of this feature you can create a 'fence' or perimeter around particular area which you think is the most suspicious area. This feature can be very advantageous for you to keep your family members and Kids safe from unwanted situations. You can also get to know about your employees' office activities and can make sure that they are at the locations where they are supposed to be. You can also get notification alerts on your emails just by enabling notification option in your IntelMobi's control panel.