GPS Tracking Device | Real Time Smart Phone GPS Tracker App


You can secretly track any Phone easily and non-intrusively with GPS tracking app for smart phones. Instantly see the current whereabouts on a comprehensive map. Check the detailed route history within a specified period of time. Reassure that your kids or your staffs are where they are supposed to be.

GPS Tracker App

IntelMobi is the best spy app for all GPS tracking device. Once you have installed the app in the target's phone you can easily access his/her location with the GPS tracking feature of the app. This feature allows you to view complete history of different locations which target phone has travelled to. Location details are made available to you in the form of latitude and longitude parameters and names of the places are also displayed on a comprehensive map. You can also get specific time and date stamps to know particular location of the target. With this feature, you can find out where exactly your kids and employees are at the particular time in a non-intrusive manner.

This feature also keeps a record of historical location of the device and lets you see the complete path of the known places where the device has been. This information can be very beneficial for you to determine where you target had been in over the specified period of time. GPS tracking feature also lets you customize location options with which you can set exactly how you wish to see the device location.

Not only the recorded locations but you can also see the real-time location of your target's phone. This feature is very good to have an eye over the activities of your employees and to confirm whether they are at the place or not where they are supposed to be.

It can also be helpful for you to track if your kids or spouse is going to that place where they are not supposed to be.