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Are you worried of excessive mobile conversations of your spouse? Are you scared your employees are trying to cheat you my making false deals behind closed doors? Or are you afraid of late night visits of your kids? Well, you have an all-in-one solution for all such issues in the form of IntelMobi as it comes loaded with an amazing audio monitoring feature that can be highly beneficial for you.

What Makes IntelMobi the best Monitor Audio App?

This monitor audio feature lets you listen phone's surrounding & hear what is actually going behind your back. In order to avail advantages of IntelMobi – cutting-edge Monitor audio app, you are just required to remotely activate the microphone of your target user's device. Just after enabling microphone you can immediately access and listen to ongoing conversation.

This is one of the most useful features of IntelMobi, as you can listen to live surroundings of your target simply by making a fake call on your target's device.

Monitor audio app can be very useful if you know that any your employees are planning business meeting with your rivals.

Also, from the prospective of safety of your children and family monitor audio feature can be very helpful as in case of emergency you can immediately reach to your loved ones. This, real time ambient listening feature is available with IntelMobi. However, if you have missed the live surrounding conversation you can also fetch it later from your web account as ambient recordings are also uploaded timely on the panel and you can listen to them anywhere, anytime.