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Photo Tracker App

With IntelMobi you can also spy into pictures gallery of your target's phone. The picture tracking feature of IntelMobi lets you view all the pictures downloaded, captured and sent to other devices. Not only those pictures that have been captured using phone camera but also all other which have been downloaded from third party applications can be accessed on your control panel. You can even see those images that have been kept protected using app locking applications.

With Picture Tracker Feature of IntelMobi you can:

  • See all images that your target has captured on the phone
  • See all pictures that are already on the phone
  • Instantly see thumbnails of all uploaded photos using your InteMobi online account

Other than these excellent benefits, with IntelMobi – the best picture tracker app, you can view all differently formatted images as IntelMobi supports a wide range of picture formats including JPEG, BMP, GIF, RAW, PNG, ECW, EXIF etc.

Why You May Need Picture Tracker App?

As a picture speaks a thousand words just by spying and watching personal pictures of your kids you can understand those things which they are trying to hide from you. Also, if you are worried of your spouse's suspicious behavior towards you and want to ensure that they are not cheating you, just by accessing their pictures folder you can get to know if something wrong is happening behind your back.