Smartphone Screenshot - Spy Over Smartphone Screen


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Spy Smartphone Screenshot

Smartphone Screenshot is one of the most outstanding features of IntelMobi. This feature allows you to spy over Smartphone screen of your target. It acts as a video recorder of Smartphone screen; it captures every movement activity of the screen from keystroke typing to new window opening and converts and save each and every screenshot into video format. These screenshots are then converted into videos and are stored and uploaded to user control panel from where you can fetch and watch them.

Some Unique Features of Smartphone Screenshot Spy Video Recorder:

  • Capture screenshots and convert them into video files uninterruptedly
  • Auto schedule the recording as pre-set and spy phone activities as seeing
  • Auto start recording screenshot videos whenever user initializes the phone
  • Remains invisible and does not let target understand any spying activity

How Smartphone Screenshot Video Recorder Can Help You?

Smartphone screen capturing feature works as a private surveillance tool just like a hidden video camera. This feature of IntelMobi can be very useful for you if you are worried of your kid's internet browsing activities. You can also keep an eye over internet activities of your employees and make sure that they are rightfully using the devices provided to them by company. Also, if you are worried of suspicious behavior of your spouse or other family member, IntelMobi's Smartphone Screenshot video surveillance feature can be very helpful for you. With this feature you can also get to know about frequently accessed apps, typed passwords and other third party apps activities.