Skype App For Monitoring Skype Members Device’s Usage


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Skype App Monitoring

Skype app monitoring is one of the very excellent features of IntelMobi that lets you track each and every Skype app activity of your target's device. With this feature, you can easily get the complete details of device's Skype usage including call, text and call logs history. Along with this you can view date, time, call duration, and also destination of Skype members. Every activity is secretly recorded and uploaded timely on your control panel. Skype app monitoring feature doesn't work as a simple keystroke logger rather it intelligently spy over app activity logs and record exact chat messages and full length conversations.

Some Advance features of IntelMobi Skype Monitoring App:

  • One can view all text messages and call details along with timestamps, date and duration of conversations
  • Chats are retrieved even if Skype's history archive is disabled
  • Perfect for motoring employees, children, spouse, catching cheaters and even for investing crimes

Other than these features, Skype monitoring app also supports multiple accounts usage of device.

If in case user switches between two different accounts, then even the details are recorded. This feature can be useful for you if you are worried about your spouse's distrustful behavior or concerned about your child's unusual behavior. Also, if you want to know the reasons of your kid's falling grades or if you are scared of your employees that they are unfolding company secrets Skype app monitoring feature can be very helpful for you.