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Mobile Spy For Android

Are you worried about your kid's chatting late at the nights? Do you want to keep an eye on what your kid's fingers are typing on their cell phone? Or being an employer, you need transparency on what your employees are messaging on the company's phones? IntelMobi is the best mobile phone spy app that comes loaded with a unique and effective SMS tracking feature which empowers you to peek into every minute detail of the text typed in the message along with the contact's name, number and the exact timing of text. IntelMobi's SMS tracking feature satiates your concern regarding the underlying truth about every message. Once installed, the application remains completely hidden and operates on stealth mode.

With the help of SMS tracking feature, you can read all messages in the inbox as well as the sent items of the target's phone, without coming under target's radar. With IntelMobi you can even recover the deleted messages. This highly amazing feature of IntelMobi comes loaded with many attributes, some of which are:

  • Tracking of full text of the message in the inbox and sent items

  • Tracking of messaging frequency of your kids and employees
  • Tracking of exact date and time of the messages being send or received
  • Recovering deleted messages
  • Details of contact names and number associated with text messages

SMS tracking feature is completely platform independent and supports over all devices. IntelMobi is a cutting edge mobile spy for Android and iOS devices that allows you to hover through the inbox and sent messages of the target's phone without their acquaintance. Each and every detail of recently sent and received text is instantly uploaded on your online control panel and you can read them anytime, anywhere with access to the internet.