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Viber Messaging App

IntelMobi, being one of the best mobile phone spy app, also allows you to keep a check on different messaging apps of your target's device. Whether your target makes use of Viber messaging app or any other IM app, with IntelMobi's highly advanced feature of Viber spying you can secretly check all the sent and received messages easily on your control panel. Not only messages and calls but you can also get complete details of multimedia transfers such as photos and videos.

With the Viber tracking app of IntelMobi you can view all call details, text messages and can even read group chats. All the details are made available to you with contact names and both time and duration of calls. Also, as IntelMobi supports both Android and iOS operating platforms so it becomes easier for you to take advantage of Viber app tracking on both types of devices. One more excellent benefits of Viber messaging app tracker is that you can get immediate information about recent activity of your target just by enabling viber activity notification facility in your IntelMobi's control panel. In-all, this is really one of the unique and highly useful features of IntelMobi as it lets you access a private and impossible to hack application very easily.

However, to get advantage of this service your target's phone must be rooted because Viber app is a third-party application.