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Whatsapp Tracking App

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps that are used by almost every Smartphone users in today's context. Instead of paying for SMS services, the dedicated IM app lets you chat with others through internet and as it also provides privacy to users, people prefer using this instead of basic text message and call services. However, if your target also uses WhatsApp chats frequently, then even you can track his/her activity with the help of another excellent WhatsApp tracking feature of IntelMobi. This feature allows you to view text messages of all personal chats and group chat sessions.

With IntelMobi WhatsApp Tracking App you can:

  • View and read WhatsApp chats along with message times and dates
  • See names and profile pictures of all contacts associated with your target
  • See photos, videos and can also listen to all audio messages

Reasons, how this WhatsApp chats tracking feature can help you!

There are multiple reasons, how this feature can be advantageous for you. For example, if you are being deceived by your partner and worried of their behavior IntelMobi's Whatsapp tracking app can be very useful for you. You can secretly spy into their WhatsApp activities and can check if they are lying or trying to hide something from you. Also, if you are furious on your employees for chatting away on company time, then you can also make use of WhatsApp chats tracker of IntelMobi.